Want To Move Your Business? Here’s 5 Things to Consider First

Are you bored of your current office? Most people who are bored of the four walls that they work in every single day, decide they want to move somewhere else. Moving to a new office location is a big move for your business, which means that you can take a lot of planning.

Some business leaders consider building an extra site to the office rather than moving and finding a whole new space, but from the cost of the building supplies, to the interruption in business, moving to a whole new location may be best for you. You have to consider some things before you choose to relocate your business, however, and we’ve got five of these things listed for you below.

  1. Compare the costs. Will the cost of building supplies be more than the cost of moving? Will the cost of labour be more than the outlay of a new mortgage or rent for an office building? Comparing the cost of building or buying with relocating your office is smart to start with when you consider moving to a new location. Moving costs can build very quickly when you’re moving an entire office somewhere else, so go through the pros and cons of the cost changes and start there.
  2. Shop around. If you are thinking about moving to a new office location, it can be a better idea to shop around for your location choices and see what would work for you. You might need to consider how close you are to the city, a warehouse, and whether there is parking. It’s not just your employees you have to think about, either. You have to consider your clients whether they can find you.
  3. Will it be worth the hassle? The biggest consideration that you should make is whether moving your location will be worth the hassle. You have to make sure you change your addresses with everybody from the bank and your suppliers to your customers and your staff, you have to determine if your current staff can travel to the new location or not. This will mean you have to go through the whole process of hiring new people all over again.
  4. Are your clients aware of what’s happening? If you can successfully relocate your office, you have to give people notice. Not just the landlord, the vendors, all your employees, but your clients, too. They need to know that there is a potential for business interruption because if you don’t tell them, you could lose them!
  5. Talk about the new setup. If you’re looking to move offices, you are either scaling your business up or downsizing. If you are scaling up, you need to talk to the various departments to make sure that people are actually happy with being able to scale up in the business. If they’re not happy, they will be free to leave, which would mean you’d have to re-hire their positions again.


Sarah Arrow

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