Tips To Improve Your Customer Relationships

It’s crucial to build on your customer relationships when you are running a business. The customers are the ones who bring all the profits into your business, and ensuring that they are happy – and that you can always find more to add to your list – is extremely important. Therefore, maintaining and improving your customer relationships has to be at the forefront of any business owner’s thinking. Here are some ways you can do it. 

Spend Time Getting To Know Them 

The more time you can dedicate to getting to know your customers, the more you’ll be able to bring to the relationship. It’s true that each and every customer might have the same interests as the next because it’s that interest that has brought them to you in the first place, but there will be other things to know about individuals so that you can interact with them better. You might even develop some new marketing ideas from this, bringing you more customers in the long term. 


The more time you can spend with your customers in your business, the better. This could mean finding outside help, such as payroll outsourcing, to free up some of your time. It will be worth doing for the sales it could bring to your business. 

 Ask For Feedback 

The business owner who doesn’t ask for feedback is the business owner who can very easily fail. Feedback might not always be that comfortable to hear, and you may refrain from asking your customers to tell you what they think because you don’t want to know if it’s bad, but this is a very shortsighted way to look at running your business. It’s far better to know where you are going wrong, especially in the all-important customers’ eyes, so that you can fix it. Continuing in the same way, including all your mistakes and the things your customers don’t like will only mean you lose those customers, and finding more will be hard. 

 Feedback is all about improving your business and developing it in ways that help both you and your customers. It’s a good idea to intentionally ask for feedback rather than wait for a customer to mention something to you since this shows you want to improve and you’re willing to make changes.  

 Offer Incentives And Rewards 

Delivering exciting incentives and rewards to your customers is a great way to improve your relationship with them. You might, for example, create a loyalty card that results in money off or a free item after a certain number of purchases. Or perhaps you’ll give a discount on the next item once someone makes their first purchase with you. Whatever you do, it’s crucial that you take into account that each customer should mean more than one transaction. If you’re doing something right, then each customer will be responsible for several transactions now and well into the future. 

 The more you can improve your customer relationships, the more you can build your business and the more choices you’ll have, so it’s vital to do the right things from the start. 



Sarah Arrow

About the author

Sarah Arrow created the popular 30-day blogging challenge back in 2007. Since then 750,000+ business owners have learned to blog and grow their business through her content, her challenge and her blogging books.

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