30 Content Ideas To Kickstart Your Parenting Blog

Parenting blogs are have been all the rage for over a decade now, and they're not going to be going anywhere any time soon.  ‘Mummy Bloggers’ are no more just mums who blog in their free time, but are now mums who have made a work-from-home career blogging about the hopes, joys, and hassles of motherhood and parenting.

Of course, being a mum means you always have something to write about – be it potty-training or planning a birthday party or homeschooling – your inspiration is right in front of you. But if you’re a mum planning to start your own parenting blog, you will need some content ideas to kickstart the process. Here are 30 mum/ child-related ideas you can write about – that’s a whole month’s worth of content!!!

The ‘How-To’ Posts

Motherhood is a huge learning experience. No matter how many parenting books you have read, you are never be prepared for what’s to come. You will always find yourself searching the Internet for answers to common problems – and you are more likely to take the advice of a fellow mum who has gone through that same experience as you. This is what makes parenting blogs and ‘how-to posts’ so popular.

1. How to potty-train your child in a week 

Every child has to be potty-trained. And this isn’t the most enjoyable aspect of motherhood. So any tried-and-tested tips and advice is appreciated – this is a blog post that will be read!

2. How to get your baby off the dummy

Not as popular as the above one, as not all babies take to dummies, but there are some babies who refuse to give up their dummies well into toddlerhood. And desperate mums who have almost given up hope would love to know what finally worked for your kid. So yes, this is a useful blog post to compile. I know I spent a lot of time online searching down tips to help my daughter give up her dummy, learn to self-soothe and go to sleep without one!

3. How to soothe a baby who is teething

Teething – another hot topic that is often searched for on the Internet by exhausted mums of teething babies. A blog post on how to soothe a teething baby will be an evergreen post and will do wonders for your blog’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and organic reach.

The ‘Tips To’… Posts

4. Tips to throw a birthday party your child won’t forget

One of the unofficial duties of motherhood is planning your child’s birthday parties year after year. Be it a school class party or a sleepover party or a space theme party with inflatable globes, be assured that every mum will be wanting fresh ideas on how to make her child’s birthday special.

5. Tips to make homeschooling work 

Homeschooling isn’t every family’s cup of tea, although in 2020 due to the global pandemic and resulting lockdowns, every mum had an experience of it. If you’re a homeschooling mum or made a success of it during the lockdown, share your tips in a blog post.

6. Arts and crafts for a rainy day

How to keep kids entertained (apart from electronics) through rainy weekends and holidays is a big question on every mum’s mind. If you’ve got a list of fun arts and crafts to do with kids, share it. When I had my local Essex blog, the posts with the very best traffic were around what you could do with your kids at the weekend. 

The ‘Recipe’ Posts

Recipes are always a hit with any audience, but more so with mums. Here are three recipe posts that will go down a treat with busy mums.

7. Quick and healthy breakfast ideas for kids

Mornings with kids are always rushed, no matter how early a riser your little one is. And making sure your child has a healthy breakfast before school is every mum’s morning struggle. A post on quick yet healthy breakfast ideas for kids will be read, saved, shared and commented upon!

8. Meals the entire family can enjoy

Fussy eaters mean that mums often have to make separate meals for the family and doing that every day can get exhausting and irritating. What if there were some recipes that ticked all the boxes for all of the family? 

9. Insta-pot recipes for the busy mum

Whether a mum is a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, she is always busy so a compiled list of insta-pot recipes would make a very popular post.

Review Posts

First-hand reviews by mums for mums are always a hit. Below are three categories of things you can review on your parenting blog.

10. Toys and books

With so many options in the market, an honest review of a particular toy would be perfect. Remember it doesn't have to be you on camera, you can also write a review post

11. Product reviews 

Pushchairs, milk bottles, vitamins for babies, there is no dearth of products you can review. You'll find sharing your experiences around certain products really powerful. I have a 9 year age gap between my daughters, and I couldn't remember half the things I loved and used with my eldest, and would buy again for my middle daughter. You'll find these also serve as wonderful reminders, and handy to send relatives when they're raising their children.

12. Days out and experiences 

Suggestion Posts

Personal recommendations are always more favourable than general reviews, so if you’ve used certain products or have some suggestions or favourites, share it with other mums. They will then share it with their mum friends and before you know it your content will be super popular!

13. Best developmental toys for a toddler

As I mention in 11, there are many things that I'd loved to have used again but completely forgot about, and that applies to toys too. I know each year group has something special, but good wooden blocks and carts? They never go out of fashion.

14. Five books to help your child through difficult situations

Parenting is tough, you know it, I know it, and sometimes we don't have the same experiences to relate to what our child is going through. That's where a book comes in. Whether it's bullying at school, or the death of a pet, a book can help you get your child to express what they're feeling.

15. Ten finger foods to help with weaning

Crab sticks were always my go-to finger food. Why? because they were cold on baby's gums and helped with teething as well as being a healthy, sugar-free snack. Add 9 more and you have a winner!

Specific To Your Situation Posts

These are niche posts but popular topics within the niche too. Many parents have babies with colic and children with food allergies and there are a lot of parents with twins, so if any of these apply to you, share your experiences.

16. Dealing with a colicky baby 

This is very frightening for a new mum, as sometimes baby just cries. This is where the experience of another mum really comes into its own. Now, you might be thinking “Wouldn't grandma be on hand to offer advice?”, well that's not always the case. And new dads may feel out of their depth and unable to ask about how to handle a colicky baby, so write that post!

17. Managing twins

“You're having twins” must be the most exciting and terrifying thing about becoming a new mum. You can bet any expecting mum will be hitting the search engines when she sees those little ones on the scan photo. Mums of Twins become an expert in time management and really do seem to have eyes in the back of their heads!

18. Food allergies and my child

Sometimes it's nice to know your child isn't the only one with a food allergy. Write the post and inspire other mums.

Sentimental Posts

Heartfelt posts are always a winner and make for great reading!

19. Child’s first day of school 

As well as your take on your little one's first day, why not record a quick video on your child's first-day thoughts? My daughters love looking back on their first videos.

20. A letter to my son/daughter on his first birthday 

This is another winner, one where you get to share all your hopes and dreams for your little one, as well as all the joy they're bringing you.

21. Losing the first tooth

You need to write this post, or record this video asap! My daughters, aged 7, spent hours on You Tube trying to work out how to get a wonky tooth like their friends… And what they find is insane!

Mum-centric posts

As are posts by mums, for mums, about mum life! Relatable content always hits the right spot.

22. How to deal with post-partum depression effectively

We all like to be inspired by others that have come through a tough time. I wished so much I had written my experiences to share with my eldest daughter when she had the baby-blues. Instead, I had half-baked memories of my “Prozac is good” t-shirt covered in baby-sick. It meant something to me, because I remembered it. But what? All the little nuances were long forgotten.

23. Miscarriage and moving on

I've never written about miscarriage, as I found it just too much. Pregnant 9 times, and 3 daughters tells you all you need to know. But late at night when I wondered “what if…” that's when I hit the search engines to find out how other mums had got through to the other side.

24. 10 signs you are a mum

Not every post has to be a deep a meaningful one, sometimes it's just the things that another mum knows and identifies with. Like going out with your jumper inside out, or driving around the block at 5 miles an hour as that's the only way your little one will stay asleep…

Gift Guides

Some ideas for gift-guide posts include:

25. Christmas gift-guide for 5-10-year-olds

Every. Year.  Yep, every year I search for gifts in my daughter's age range. And I know I'm not the only one. You can also nicely link to your toy reviews and your product reviews as well. 

26. Buying a birthday present for a teenager

Last year, before Cobra Kai became mainstream? This was my second highest search… Christmas gift guides were number one.

27. Experiences to gift a child 

Another popular one, because we all know the memories of an experience last longer than the memories of a gift. Don't believe me? What did you get for Christmas when you were 4 years old? I rest my case…

Quick-fix posts

Quick-fix posts are both, great fillers and make for good reads. Here are some ideas…

28. Cover up those dark circles, or why you shouldn't cover those dark circles.

Whatever angle you take, you'll have other mums nodding their heads in agreement.

29. Last minute World Book Day costume ideas

This post will probably win you the most loved mum on the internet the night before book day.

30. Make-up tips for a mum who has no time

Personally, how I looked was the last thing on my mind when my daughters were little. So I'd never search this, however, there are a lot of mums who feel the pressure to look amazing all of the time. So share your tips and techniques with them, and help them feel a little less time-pressured, and a whole lot happier.

Whatever you decide to include in your mum blog, keep writing. Your blog will be your best friend, the keeper of your memories, and the way to earn additional income on the side.

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