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Leads2Sales: Where Being Human Comes First

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you're a member of the UKs biggest networking organisation, then you've experienced Leads2Sales as a customer, and it worked because you joined!

 Yup, in 2012, Kevin Arrow sat down and thought about the people who needed to network, what their hopes and dreams were and how they'd benefit from joining.

The rest, as they say, is history. An ordinary bloke, with no higher education and extensive experience from the school of life (with the hard knocks module thrown in for free) sat down and wrote a sales strategy that generated millions. And before that, he did the exact same thing as the owner of a transport company. And do you know what? He did it before that for a facilities company, and before that for a national retailer.

Kevin's very ordinary-ness is what made him stand out, and great news! If you're reading this you probably have this superpower too. 

Leads 2 Sales is about going from ordinary and overlooked, to fully booked. 

You see, to us, as customer-focused entrepreners, it's a natural way to do business. When you're comfortable you can put your prospects at ease. You see, the very best people, the ones that get results from their sales conversations all do one thing:

They put the human, or lead, right at the heart of their sales conversations.

Putting the human, or lead, right at the heart of your sales conversations.

We thought it wasn't hard, we thought that everyone did this, right? Why wouldn't they? because it makes sense...

But not everyone does.

The theory is great, but it seems when it gets to the "how" entrepreneurs get stuck. 

  • How to turn prospects into paying clients becomes a major challenge
  • Many people don’t feel confident about selling, in their mind it's a dirty, sleazy experience simply because they equate it to the horrible, shitty sales experiences they've had done to them.

And none of this is your fault. You see Sales has changed. It's moved from the golf course into the online arena. All the hard, icky skills that send a shiver down your spine and freeze your brain no longer apply. The old way of sales is over. The new smarter, more natural way of selling is here and it's not just Face to Face, it's screen to screen, face to screen, and video as well as text.

Then There's Having to Overcome Mindset Issues and Difficulties About Selling

  • Mental hurdles include thoughts like, “What if they say no?” Coming up with the techniques to confront them to come up with strategies to combat them is easy when you know how.
  • Matching a product or service to a need becomes second nature, but where do you start?
  • Realizing that rejection isn’t personal, it's your offer isn't meeting your prospects needs... but...
  • Turn a ‘no’ around and into a learning experience, but how do you walk away with your dignity and not as if your zipper is undone?

Know What Your Client Wants and Match Your Offer to Their Needs

You might offer a great service, but target the wrong market, so let's put this right with you. Let's do all the ordinary things like conduct research to pinpoint potential clients because they take you from overlooked to fully booked.

 You'll Be Confident in Yourself and Your Service

You understand the unique value you’re offering; it's strengths and weaknesses. You know what's valuable, we'll show you how to articulate it in a way that feels comfortable. All the time you'll start to feel confident as the expert you are and be capable of great momentum exactly when you need it.

 You'll Hold Strategy Sessions with Your Prospects

A strategy session is a conversation to generate sales of high-ticket items like coaching. You'll understand the power of listening and knowing when you can help your person. You'll also start developing the skills to know and understand what to ask, and why.

This powerful technique puts you right where your prospect is, and enables you to show understanding. 

 Use  Skills That Don’t Feel Like Selling to Walk Your Leads to Sales.

We covered quite a lot about how you'll feel when you join Leads2Sales, and if we were in your position we'd want to know two things - where's the buy button and what's in it...

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Leads2Sales

This comprehensive video training, action book, and action sheets will re-energise the way you interact with your prospects. Sales and selling will no longer be a dirty word, and you'll go from Prospect ot Profits in a way that excites you and your potential clients. It will feel good too.

Develop the Non-Salesy Mindset

 This simple mindset technique will transform how you feel about sales, and it's easy to activate whenever you need it

Your Winning Formula

What influencers do, and how you can tap into your own influence < --  you'll love this!

 No more fake it until you make it! 

Work on your inner game in ways that are natural and authentic to you. No more push just because a coach assures you it "works".

Learn at your own pace

No more anti-social hours, office hours that appear to only work for Venusians, or the pressure of group learning - this is just for you.

Here’s what people are saying about our courses

Let our customers say it for us. We are really proud of the way our customers take our training and implement it to get results. No one says it better than clients we have worked with in the past , so take a quick read from some of our happy clients

Julia Skinner 

The Heads Office

Sarah & Kevin provide a great team to help all your online work.

whether it is blogging, marketing, client building.
Their straight-forward approach set out in logical steps gives confidence to most tasks. Their 'after care' service is second to none.
Don't hesitate to sign up for their help and support.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl


You cannot go wrong with the arrows!

With so much knowledge and expertise you're guaranteed to get what you've paid fo

Esther Nagle

us Strength Consulting

I absolutely adore these people! 

If you want to know about content marketing,anything at all about content marketing, then you really do need to #followthearrows. Sarah and Kevin are so knowledgeable on their topic, are very generous in their support and encouragement, and really do 'walk the talk' of what they teach.

Leads2Sales Training:




Module 1: Start with the Business Essentials


Module 2: Know What Your Clients Want


Module 3: Develop a Non-Salesy Mindset for Success


Module 4: Strategy Sessions: Your Winning Formula


Module 5: Make Your Session Enticing


Module 6: Set Up Your Sign-Up Systems


Module 7: Clarify Your Offer and Design Your Package


Module 8: Run A Strategy Session That Converts


Module 9: Confidently Address Common Concerns


Module 10: After the Sale: Set Up for Success from Day 1


Module 11: Keeping the Momentum Going


Module 12: Review and Refine


This complete course also comes with these brilliant bonuses.

When it comes to making sales, the mindset work is not enough but the whole Leads2Sales strategy is perfect! These bonuses add to your skills and ensure that you can completely get the best from training.

Bonus 1
Ethical Selling

This mini-course is perfect to jump start or refresh your ethical selling skills. 

Bonus 2
Call Planner

What if you have a way to structure your sales conversations in advance? Woo Hoo! 

The Call Planner does this for you perfectly. Goodbye role-play, hello confidence! 

Bonus 3
Ideal Clients

This full training program will help you create an ideal client avatar that actually works.
Become times, change. Technology changes. And so do your ideal clients.

Value of the bonuses alone £295!

About Sarah & Kevin Arrow

Kevin and Sarah Arrow traded through the global recession of 2008-9 using content marketing. Through these tough times, Kevin found his sales skills kept on growing, and Sarah found that she could string a sentence together after all! Together they share their skills for Leads2Sales

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructors

Happy clients are what makes us the happy! Here are some more reviews given to us by our clients

Susan Marot

Sales Coach

His knowledge and experience is vast!

What I really like about working with Kevin is his deep understanding of not just marketing a business, but how to actually run a business successfully. This knowledge has helped me to make considered decisions about what I need to do in order to prevent myself from wasting a lot of time and money. I especially value Kevin's honest approach to giving advice, which has always been spot on even if it is not always what I would like to hear. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear about marketing and business, then go elsewhere. If you want to know exactly what you need to do to be successful then speak to Kevin. His knowledge and experience is vast!

CJ Sohal

Unwrap Your Success

Kevin is highly skilled 

Kevin is highly skilled at helping businesses generate leads and sales through digital marketing. He has been instrumental in helping me form a strategy for my business

Sharyn Sheldon

Marketing Specialist

Sarah is a visibility wizard!

Sarah is a visibility wizard! I recently started working with Sarah and her partner-in-crime, Kevin Arrow, to help me grow my visibility, get more leads, automate various systems, and generally grow my revenue

It's an absolute delight working with someone who knows what they're doing and doesn't just say 'you need to do X' and then leaves you hanging.

You're Open-Minded About Leads2Sales

Sales training. We're told it's a dirty word. That if you mention sales, then you scare your prospects away.  We outright refuse to let a 5 letter word intimidate us! Yes, we're the type of people who'd call Voldemort byt that name and not something else. You see sales are the lifeblood of your business. Without them you have what feels like an expensive hobby.  Why waste £5,000 on a program that's delivered live, and by someone who learnt to sell spots on the ark back in the dark ages? You don't have to settle for this!

You don't have to put yourself under pressure of hard sales. 

You can study each module at your own pace. If you prefer, you can start with the bonuses. Your time is valuable, so we won't waste a single moment of it. Each module builds upon the previous one and you'll love how natural, and normal it all becomes for you. 

Your sales conversations no longer feel icky, or slimy or stink because it's not about the sale. It's about something more than that; It's about being of service and enabling people like you to meet their goals.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you're not satisified with the training after you've completed it, then let us know and we will have a call with you, gain clarity and offer you solution that works for everyone. We pour 100% into our training courses, and design them for maximum return on investment. We're confident our content is the best. So if you're not 100% satisfied then jump on a call and we'll work it out with you. 

Don’t wait!

Be Like Our Clients And Grab

The Opportunity Here To Build Your Business

It's easy to carry on as you are , thats what these clients were thinking until they worked with us . Here's what they had to say 

Kitty Kelso

KTE Consultants

It is an honor to give my 100% recommendation

to all of the initiatives that Sarah has ever put her thoughts behind. I have enjoyed her contributions to intellectual growth across the Internet regarding blogs, marketing, many other areas.

I often refer to her as the "Wind Beneath My Wings". Her knowledge and her wisdom to move all business forward is extraordinary. Thank you Sarah & Kevin

Paul Atherton

Sales Coach

Kevin Arrow is an expert in his field

The Arrows are possibly the best example of outstanding customer service I have ever received, truly 'world class'. Kevin Arrow is an expert in his field delivering great results with high integrity. I can honestly say that the day I decided to ask for Kevin  help was the day my online presence was transformed. I cannot recommend Kevin highly enough.

Jane Travis


Kevin is one of those rare business people that has professionalism,

Kevin is one of those rare business people that has professionalism, genuineness and kindness. He gives his knowledge generously and with patience, and his wealth of experience means his advice comes from a place of experience. If you're looking to grow your business, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him

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P.S... Let's Recap for you:

  • This incredibly good 12-module sales training program for service providers
  • 3 fantastic bonuses that are standalone products in their own right
  • Live Q&A in our community for any questions you may have
  • Peace of mind knowing that you will not be slimy, sleazy or icky in any way - that you can be ordinary like us and still have an extraordinary business