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Is Blogging Right For You?

Is Blogging Right For You?
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Are you thinking about starting blogging on your own website? Worried that it might be yet another passion project that doesn't go anywhere? It's hard to know if you'll love or loath blogging if you've never done it before. However, there are definitely a few good indications based on your online habits that blogging will work for you.

You already love to share tips and information.

Are you known to type out long and detailed posts on social media sites like LinkedIn? Has your personal story unfolded like a reality TV show that people readily tune in to read about or watch online? If you're already inclined to be a sharer, then it's likely that you can easily make the transition to blogging.

You're comfortable using technology

You don't have to be a quick learner, but you do have to like learning and be prepared to learn! People who don't mind logging in and out of different sites, having lots of windows open on their computers, copying and pasting links and blurbs of text, and have a good handle on basic word processing programs such as MS Word, will likely take to blogging.

Writing is your thing.

People who love to write will likely enjoy blogging. If you tend to write long and detailed emails, type out social media posts that never seem to stop, and/or are likely to correspond with pen pals via email, then making the transition to blogging will be fairly simple and feel natural and right to you.

You Journal

If you journal daily then blogging is a likely next step for you. You've already got the writing habit and if you're curious about blogging then why not take the next step and see where it leads you!

What if you don't like writing?

When I first started blogging I did not like it. I didn't know what to write about, and I couldn't imagine anyone finding what we did as business owners interesting. But I persisted because I'd heard that it was a great way for websites to be found in the search engines.

Over time my writing improved, mainly because I was actually writing. No one gets better merely by writing words in their mind, at some point they have to spill out onto paper. I also realised that writing is a skill and skills can be learned.

If you don't like writing, but you have a story to share about your business then this is a good starting point to see if you will grow to love blogging like I have.

Writing is Free Therapy

This will annoy some people, but writing is free therapy. That customer who pushed your boundaries and asked you to work an extra 48 hours without pay? That person who always asks your advice but then books someone else? That person who always complains about your apostrophe use? Write about it.

You don't actually have to publish these, but the very act of writing it out will make you feel better.

Remember we can also steer our writing. You can write about the customers who you've helped. You can write about the things that people love about your business. You're in charge of the words. You get to choose what you write about.

Why blog? Why not just keep sharing on Facebook?

Well, here's the thing…

If you want to build your audience on a platform that you own, if you want to be able to build your influence and not be dependent on algorithms…

If you want to build your email list naturally and organically…

If you want to be heard and share your stories…

Blogging is for you.

Is Blogging Right For You?
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Is Blogging Right For You? via @saraharrow
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