1 Uncomfortable But Freeing Way to Increase Your Blogging Income

I recall 7 years ago. I was still in my newbie blogger phase. Even though I had technically owned my blog for 3 years I had no clue what I was doing.

Anytime a new client hired me I felt nervous, scared, unworthy and like I should not take the job on. Why? I feared to disappoint the client. I also feared being rejected. Ditto for the fear of a client demanding their money back.

Sure I felt a twinge of excitement and freedom too. Making money feels good. But not for me, largely.

Fast forward to current day me. Anytime someone buys my eBooks, hires me or buys advertising space on my blog, I feel free, grateful and happy to serve. Why? I discovered a highly uncomfortable but freeing way to increase my blogging income. Take notes. This may just boost your blogging chedda, too.

Be With Fears Versus Running from Fears

I eventually became so disgusted with making so little money that I investigated the root cause of my financial ills. Turns out, deep down, I feared I was not good enough, skilled enough or capable enough to be worth the money I made. Feeling this fear felt genuinely terrible because I embraced my horrible self-image, dirt poor money consciousness and a general lack of love for self. I felt about as worthy as a sewer rat eating last week’s rotten hamburger inside of a porta-potty (Don’t ask me how it got there).

Nobody enjoys feeling fear because fear is….well….scary to feel. But feeling fear frees you from that fear. Freeing yourself from specific fears related to money and blogging business frees you to be more generous, trusting, deserving of money and clear on your ability to receive money. Expect a big surge in money confidence after facing, feeling and releasing fears anytime you receive blogging profits. Observe how your blogging income slowly but surely increases after this surge of money confidence.

Observe how it feels to be hired. Do you feel pressure? That’s fear. Feel it. Drink it up. Feel the fear of not being good enough, skilled enough or capable enough to handle a job. That’s fear. Lean into the emotion. Hug Fraud Syndrome. Kiss the fear of taking on increased responsibility for the money you received. That one killed me for years.

Eventually, after these fear-feeling sessions, you predominantly feel more calm, relaxed and chill any time you receive money for your blogging efforts. Trust in self and in the blogging process skyrockets, over time. Plus you become more generous, patient and persistent. Count each quality as being integral parts of the blog monetizing equation. Increased blogging income follows.

Money is energy. Even if you work 18 hour days, if you feel fear-resistance around receiving money, you will have a terrible time making money. But if you feel these unpleasant fears and clear these money-blocking energies, you eventually allow in the money by being a different blogger.

Being a Different Blogger

During those “money fraidy cat days”, I blogged from a stingy energy. I rarely helped folks for free. Naturally, I held back, so money held back from me (I struggled horribly to make money blogging). The universe is a mirror for your predominant emotion.

After these fear-clearing sessions, I felt more relaxed around money but something neater happened: I generously helped far more folks for free. I noted a quick uptick in traffic and profits because all of that free help increased my skills, exposure and credibility. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure gain credibility and some bank, too.

I was being a different blogger because I felt and purged the fears weighing me down, blocking money and making me selfish, stingy and greedy. Clear your money fears by intimately observing your genuine emotions the split second a client, customer or payment flows to you. How do you feel? Relaxed, grateful and free? Good! You are well on your way to making more money blogging. But if any heaviness or resistance arises in your being, you better face, feel and release these fears in order to be a prospering pro blogger who actually enjoys the ride.

I recall observing bloggers who hadn’t made much money but who generously, confidently and abundantly helped people for free, thinking:

“Why in the heck do these bloggers help so many people for free?”

As I watched these bloggers evolve into multi-millionaires over the years I said to myself:

“I better kick my money fears and start helping oodles of people for free!”

The moment you face, feel and release blogging (or any) money fears, you quickly become more generous. Expect to promote more bloggers on your blog and through social media. Open your blog to guest posting. Share the spotlight. Write guest posts for fellow bloggers. Share your time and talents for free. Open more income streams. Feel more comfortable and clear with receiving money.

Versus being a headache that burdens you, money becomes a blessing that frees you. But you need to face and feel your money fears now to bring about these profits increase.

If you really want to boost your online profits, try investigating money fears through your life. Have you explored that “pit of the stomach-dropping” emotion any time you experience an unexpected, relatively hefty bill? Feel it. Clear it. The energy/emotional work you do with money feels rough but makes blogging – and money – easier.

Go within to change the without.

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