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You started your business to serve others, and help them lead a happier life. But things didn't quite go to plan, and now you're looking to get more clients, or better clients. Your marketing plan is gathering digital dust, and you're just not sure what the next step is for you. Not knowing your ideal clients stunts your business growth. It causes more problems than you can possibly imagine.  Not having an ideal client avatar means you don't know who to target in your ads, it means your sales pages miss the mark and it means that your products and services languish on the shelf leaving you to doubt your own abilities.

Ideal Client Avatars make your marketing activities easy! 

Ideal Clients

What Are Ideal Clients 

Ideal clients are the creme de la creme of clients. They're the ones that want to work closely with you, they're the ones you get the very best results with.

 They're the very clients you went into business to help but slowly lost sight of due to all the noise (thanks Internet!) Often business owners say they can market to "everyone". This is mentality will kill their business faster than contracting the plague.  It's this vagueness that stops your business flourishing because your ideal clients don't identify with you, your content, your brand... There's good news - You're not like these business owners, you're an ethical entrepreneur who wants to grow and thrive and not make a hot mess of your marketing activity. This means creating an Ideal Client Avatar that works!

Ideal clients stand out for you like the pink lightbulbs on this page. Once you know them, you'll see them everywhere.

Why our Ideal Client Avatar masterclass?

All of our training is designed to help you get the very best results for your business. You'll love that you fully understand Ideal Client Avatars, how they apply to your business and your next steps. You want to learn from business owners and not someone regurgitating a book they once read, polly-parrot fashion. You want no fluff, no filler but tonnes of  great, actionable advice and action steps to see you get the right results with your ideal client avatars.

Online Lessons

6 easy to follow videos that you can stop and start as often as you like and because the training is in our secure online portal you can complete it at anytime you like!

Worksheets & Exercises

What good is the knowledge if you don't know how to apply it? Our Ideal Client Masterclass will help you apply what you're learning for the very best results in your business


To enable you to deploy your new-found skills as soon as possible, we share the tools that will enable you to get the fastest results in your business. You'll love how much time this saves you.


Modules Inside Include

Ideal Client Masterclass includes 6 modules covering:

  • Introduction - Your motivation for creating ideal client avatars - it's not what you think!
  • What you really need to know about ideal clients - totally understand what makes them tick! 
  • How to get the information you need -  and why you get it this way (no more costly mistakes!)
  • Putting together a working ideal client avatar and watch your business flourish


What Makes This Ideal Client Training Different?

First, there's a wealth of nonsense about ideal client avatars online

Including statements like

  • Market to yourself 5 years ago...
  • Ask in a community of your ideal clients who they are...
  • Your ideal clients are on Facebook

Well, that well meaning advice will set you back years in business.

Because the focus is on you and not on the ideal client.

Ideal clients are not you 5 years ago - technology changes - attitudes change - change is constant!

Social media communities are fantastic, and open. People are aware that others are looking and will want to sound like the best version of themselves. Which is zero help to you when crafting your ideal client avatar!

Ideal clients are everywhere, but they group in specific places.

It might be Facebook, but it could just as easiliy be somewhere else! 

Complete this training in the morning, a little research in the afternoon and you'll have the client attracting Ideal Client Avatar that business owners dream of! 

Why Choose Our Ideal Client Masterclass

why are we the best choice for you?

Lifelong experience in teaching and trainers that actually use the methods they teach! 

We believe that in order to teach a masterclass you should not only use the skills that you teach, but you have experience in training.  You'll love how refreshing it is to be taught by someone who creates hundreds of Ideal Client Avatars each year.

Thousands of satisfied students each year take our training...

They go on to grow their businesses successfully. We're not in the business of keeping our clients in perpetual learn mode, so our training comes with the practical applications of what you learn so you can get results right away! 

Unique learning formula that guarantees results not all training areas are created with your learning success in mind!

The sad fact of many online courses is that many are delivered in a manner convenient to the trainer... Which isn't always conducive to learning a new skill.  The Online Visibility Academy is distraction free, well organised and designed to help you get the best results possible. 

Gain More Ideal Clients Now!

Founders of Online Visibility Academy are 2 well-known mentors

Kevin and Sarah Arrow know from their own business how tough it can be as an ethical entrepreneur. You want to get things right, and you want to grow your business the right way, but there's not always a huge budget to invest in training. They designed the Online Visibility Academy to help you gain the skills you need without losing sleep at night! 


Read what Others Have to say

I experienced a huge sense of relief following my conversation with Kevin - he listened to my technical problem and provided clear / accurate advice on getting it sorted! I have done a few programs with Kevin via sarkemedia and online visibility - linked in leads, pinterest, blogging - Kevin provides solid input with straightforward information that you can trust. And even better - he is a lovely guy as well! Highly recommend.

Liz Sharpe

Sarah Arrow is unlike anyone else I have ever met. I have been following her for years, doing her challenges and respecting how she navigates the online world. I've tried, but it's really not my thing - I'd rather to talk with real, live people any day! Finally, I took the step to actually work with her - she has been amazing. Patient, clear and helping me take each step at a time that's actually moving me forward, and stopping me from running off down several different paths at once. Already she's saved me time, money and energy; but more importantly, she's helped me love my business even more. Working with Sarah, I am confident that I can finally do what's needed so that my business will develop the way it's ready to

Naomi Martell-Bundock

 A day with Sarah is like a week with another coach. We nailed it. I am a marketing coach, my message and tribe is evolving. We sorted my new message, package ideas, copy, got a new website up in an afternoon and optimised SEO.

Jo Soley

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It's time to stop all the frustrating "stuff" about business and take a day to re-focus on your ideal clients. You'll love how easy our training is, and how quickly you can implement it and get results. You'll never worry about what to write, what to create or what to share again! 

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