How To Avoid Over-Relying on Tech in Business

The problem with a business is that you've got to learn how to look after it in the best possible way. Because learning to protect it tends to involve technology in one form or another, but this can pose a much larger problem. Because technology is pivotal to the success of any business, are we over-relying on it? And if so if we are over-relying on it, are there any ways for us to dial it back and consider ways that a business can operate without over-relying on technology too much? 

Only Using Technology for the Bare Essentials

Half the problem is that we are using tech for everything, but while we need technology to improve our IT infrastructure, whether this is using dedicated servers to make life easier, or hire IT companies to help protect the business from cyber hackers, using technology for the bare essentials can help us focus on other ways to make the business thrive in other ways. There is no arguing that technology is crucial to any business, but when there are system outages, this renders an entire business immobile. This is why it's important to only use technology for the bare essentials. 

Training Staff to Be More Resilient 

The benefit of having a system outage is that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy some downtime. But this poses a problem insofar as we are relying more on technology for everything. So if there are power cuts, it is not possible to do anything. So if we can incorporate ways to train employees in resilience, organisation, and working better at managing their workloads, they will be able to carry on with things while there is a system outage. Also, remember that everybody has a smartphone. Therefore, you could encourage employees to conduct some form of work using their phone, such as using voice dictation software to type a few documents, but this can bring up a whole other level of questions with regards to personal mobile phone use. 

Using the Opportunities for Learning

Another thing you could do with system downtime is to encourage your employees to brush up and to learn how to develop the business and their personal and professional achievements. We can put a lot more courses online, and while many businesses now use e-learning as a way to develop their employees, there's a lot to be said for the old-fashioned textbook in this context. In fact, textbooks are still very useful, especially when it comes to PRINCE2 training. While it's not necessarily beneficial to the planet, a solid textbook can be put to good use in this environment. 

Naturally, if we are over-relying on technology and business, we have to ask ourselves if technology is just that important, or have we become too reliant on it to do most things for us in business and in life? It is something your business should consider, and you will only find yourself struggling if you have an internet outage or a loss of power. 


Sarah Arrow

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