Foolproof Ways to Differentiate Your Brand

There is no denying that the stronger your build your browns, the easier it will be to attract wind retain customers within your niche. But how exactly do you do that when there is so much competition around?

Here are a few foolproof techniques, you can use to ensure that no one mistakes your brand for the many others competing for the same audience:

Choose a different price structure

Many business owners think that they should price their goods and services similarly to the competition, but that is not necessarily the case.  

One thing that can really help to differentiate your brand is to price it at a higher level. This may seem counterintuitive, but providing that it is a good product, doing so can make it appear more luxe, which means it will appeal more to the luxury market and not only will you set yourself apart, but you will also even be able to make more money.

Be an expert in your niche

If you can position yourself as an expert on construction or digital marketing or graphic design, or whatever your business does, you can set your brand apart as a smart brand; a brand that knows what it is doing.

How do you do that? Work with a good SEO agency to do some content marketing, write how-toa and create videos answering the most pressing questions in your niche, Write guest blogs for high authority names in your sector, and basically do what you can to put yourself out there in an intelligent way, and the rest will come. 

Add a unique element

If you really want to differentiate your brand, then you need to add a unique element that won’t be found elsewhere, For example, Build-a-bear is so successful not simply because it sells stuffed animals as countless other businesses do, but because it allows customers to make their own stuffed animals. You need to find your thing that your company can offer s a unique selling point and push that hard if you want to beat the competition.

Get a mascot

From Tony the Tiger to the Geico lizard, many of the biggest brands on the planet have developed their own mascots which encompass what the company is all about while also giving the business a unique voice. Most smaller businesses don't, however, have their own mascots, so if you can develop one, you will definitely have an edge over the competition. 

Focus on convenience

If you focus your effort on improving your user experience so that buying the same product from you is a much simpler and more efficient process than buying them from the competition, then you will probably find that people take notice and start to look upon your brand more favourably for theta specific thing, and this is so easy to dow ith a good webs design and excellent customer service.

By making your brand noticeably different, you make it stand out, and when it stands out, it will automatically attract more attention, so what are you waiting for?


Sarah Arrow

About the author

Sarah Arrow created the popular 30-day blogging challenge back in 2007. Since then 750,000+ business owners have learned to blog and grow their business through her content, her challenge and her blogging books.

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