Frequently Asked Questions


What is content marketing?

Great question! 

Content marketing is marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (digital assets) like blogs, videos, graphics and social media posts.  


Who is content marketing for?

Anyone who has something to market can use content marketing. You choose the subset that you have the most affinity for and then build upon it. I like words. So blogging and content creation are part of my superpowers. What's yours?


Who benefits from content marketing?

You (as a business owner) and your audience benefits from content marketing. It's the marketing option where everyone is a winner. The searcher finds a solution to their problem and the entrepreneur serves their audience with the right products and services.


When is the best time to share content?

There are many variables. The first one is your audience  – when are they online? Then, you need to know what platform they prefer and then you need to catch their eye… 

I have blogging questions…

What's better blogging or social media?

You need both. Blogging gives you the platform to build your audience. Social media is a method of driving traffic back to your blog. 

Facebook or Instagram?

Currently, Facebook works very well for blogging business owners. The community features are good, and the ability to have a sales conversation can be done quickly through the platform and outsourced through your page. 

What's best for sharing content?

We love MissingLettr. We love Facebook groups. But what's best for you depends on you, your skills and your audience. If in doubt, start with MissingLettr.

Can I only use text on my blog

Hell no. 

You can use pictures, video, words… If you can upload it you can use it. 

Content works best when you have the balance of what your audience loves and what you enjoy creating.

What are the benefits of blogging

Writing orders your thoughts. Blogging about your business brings added clarity to you, your services and your team.

Writing is therapeutic. In sharing your stories you not only grow your business but you grow your audience.

Blogging, according to Hubspot, brings in 67% more links to your websites. Links show the search engines you're loveable and they send you more readers.

Blogging educates your customers. An educated customer is a better customer as they understand the services they book you for.

Wheres the best place for my blog?

Your blog should be where you will use it. If you love LinkedIn and you can't recall where your website password is, then LinkedIn articles is where you should blog. If you have no idea about LinkedIn but love Medium then that's where you blog. 
Blogging on your own website boosts your SEO and helps generate leads – but only when you use it! 

Do I have to be able to write to blog?

No. You'll learn fast enough and there's nothing more powerful than learning on the job. Remember you can always edit and improve your content at a later date. My first pieces of content are cringing with embaressment on a dank and dark server someplace. I've grown as a writer. You will too.

When is the best time to start a blog?


Start and commit to it. You'll fall in love with blogging.

if you are still not sure…

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