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The Award-Winning Email Marketing Resources 

Email marketing is a powerful way of driving more traffic to your website, growing a stronger relationship with your readers and an ethical way to market your products and services to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

All of the items mentioned have been used by us, and our clients extensively and we know and love what they can do to help your email marketing.

You will need an email capture option AND an email service provider. Most email service providers offer forms, and pop-up light boxes, but they're limited in their ability to be branded to your business.

Email Pop-Up / Email Light Box / Exit Pop-Up

Without a doubt, Thrive Leads is the most powerful tool to captivate your prospect and persuade them to hand over their email address. The functionality is without limit and we highly recommend Thrive Leads to grow your  email list. We use Thrive Leads for our own sites as well as recommending it to clients.

Thrive Leads is exclusive to WordPress websites and blogs and is part of the Thrive Suite of website tools.

Email Newsletters, Autoresponders and Automation

We use Active Campaign for our automations, and for the CSM aspect. You can tag your subscribers and send out general newsletters, survey them and offer them a deal. If you are looking at having a survey funnel sequence, Ryan Levesque-style, then this is a good starting point. For a small business owner who needs a more sophisticated email marketing tool, this fits the bill.

Active Campaign has excellent support, and will even move your email list to Active Campaign through this exclusive link. 

Lead Magnet / Ethical Bribe Creation

Canva is a fantastic "all-in-one" graphic design tool that comes complete with templates to help you create amazing Lead Magnets. 

The simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to create fully-branded lead magnets to captivate your ideal clients.

Canva has free and an low-cost pro-version where you will be able to access additional photos and upload additional fonts.

Email List From Scratch - our popular "How to build an email list" training.

The comprehensive email list building training contains videos, worksheets (for the very best planning), course guide (in case you prefer to read rather than watch videos) and an action guide so you can create an email marketing strategy that works for you and for your business. No more using someone else's tired, old, unworkable email marketing strategy this training will show you how to create one for your needs.

Motion Mail App - countdown timers for email

To help your subscribers take action on your offer, a countdown time is a great way to convey the urgency. With free and paid plans, you can try it out with your email service provider and increase your conversions.