50 Compelling Call to Action Examples for Blog Posts

As human beings, we crave closure. We like to file things neatly in their boxes, to put things in the correct mental compartment, and label things accordingly. A compelling call to action not only gives us closure, but it also guides us on what to do next (that's the action part). Content without a call to action is like a car without fuel.

If you imagine the blog post is a human body, the calls to action are the hands. They guide and steer the reader towards an action that's helpful for you the content creator as well as helping themselves.

Now there are some business owners who think that calls to action are filthy dirty things, and they should not be included anywhere on their blog or in their content because it's selling. They think selling is a dirty word, and resent anyone who tries to earn a living. The good news is if you've read this far then you're most certainly not one of them.

No matter what content you create, you need to have a call to action.

Don't panic! This post contains plenty of call to action examples. Remember the very least you should ask for is a social share if someone enjoys your post. Social share calls to action are very easy:

  • If you like this post please share it on Facebook
  • Like this? Then please pin it to your writing board on Pinterest
  • Did this post hit the spot? Then share it on Twitter

Ideally, you will ask for a social share where your ideal prospect is hanging out. Going viral on LinkedIn is wonderful, but if all your ideal clients are on Pinterest then they won't see your content. A lot of business owners will limit the social sharing options to the sites they're active on. When your reader is an avid Pinner they will have tools to pin even if you don't have a Pinterest button. Your sharing buttons are only a guide for the reader. Die-hard fans of certain social networks will know how to share regardless of whether you have a button.

Comments are a sign of an active blogger. If you're actively commenting on other blog posts you'll find it easy to strike up a conversation. When you're new, it can be harder. To get good comments you need to leave room for the conversation or you'll only get spammy types of comments like “Good post”. When you've done that the next step is to have your comment calls to action.

  • If something I've said has resonated with you then please leave a comment
  • What do you think?
  • Have you tried this? Share your story in the comments.

Now, if you're a business blogger you have to make it obvious when you want someone to pick up the phone and call you. The right call to action is dependent on the type of blog post. Let's say you have created a great case study for your blog. The call to action should be something like “If you'd like to get these kinds of results in your business then call us on xxx for a no-obligation chat”.

25 Call to Action Examples You Can Swipe Right Now!

1. For a limited time only, you get ___ for ONLY £___!
2. Get it now, risk-free.
3. Reserve your [seat/spot] at 50% off the door/launch) price
4. For the next ___ hours, get ___% off
5. Only through this link
6. And if that’s not enough, buy right now and get____ [extra savings, bonus material, etc.]
7. Offer expires at midnight tonight so don’t wait
8. Secure your copy right now before it’s too late
9. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Reserve your spot right now!
10. Order Now and get started in minutes.
11. Reply now, and start ____ [making money, losing weight, etc.] tomorrow.
12. Start building your future today.
13. Change starts right now. Choose this proven product with real results.
14. Copies are selling out fast. So grab yours before they’re gone.
15. Extremely limited supply so take action FAST.
16. Ask yourself this. Are you really ready to make a change? If so, click here to buy
17. This offer will not be made again! Buy now for the lowest price available.
18. Don't wait any longer! Start seeing real results in as little as___ [hours, days, weeks]
19. Act now before this deal is gone for good!
20. You can change your life starting from today…
21. The next move is up to you.
22. You deserve [desired results: be thinner, make more money, etc.] All that's left is to take the action to do it.
23. You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, risk free offer right now before it's too late
24. Do yourself and your business a favour. Join today, won't you?
25. What are you waiting for? Secure your order and get immediate access to ___!

Call to actions are not set in stone

If you've got blog posts without a call to action, then you can edit it and add one. If you have high traffic posts, yet no phone calls then go in and change the call to action and see what happens.

Need a visual call to action?

Create a call to action graphic using Canva. Here's two examples for building your email list:

Like this post? Pin it to your marketing board on Pinterest

A visual call to action is very eye-catching! Test which works best for your audience – visual or text.

Where To Put Your Call To Action?

A call to action doesn't have to be at the end of your blog post. It can be in your sidebar, it can be in your header and it can be anywhere on your blog where you want to capture people's attention and get them to take action. One popular place for calls to action is in the caption area of your images!

What's your favourite call to action? Do you have an example you'd like to share in the comments?

PS Would you like more calls to action that you can swipe? Share this post and you can access a content roadmap with additional calls to action to use in your blog posts

Sarah Arrow

About the author

Sarah Arrow created the popular 30-day blogging challenge back in 2007. Since then 750,000+ business owners have learned to blog and grow their business through her content, her challenge and her blogging books.

  • Great info Sarah,

    My Calls to Action are still totally inadequate, after reading this I really must go back over some of them do do some constructive tweaking.

    Thank you.

    • I know the feeling. some of my high traffic posts have weak calls to action. Kevin identified this a few weeks ago and I’ve not had time to do it yet 🙁

  • Thanks for this it makes so much sense! I’ll go back and add some of these ideas !

    • That’s the best thing about blogging; you can make a good post great with a little editing. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Joy x

  • Hi Sarah,

    Not sure how I can overlooked this post but hey, great call-to-actions you have. Just bookmarked this post and looking forward to recheck them from time to time.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend dear friend!

  • Hi Sarah,

    A call to action is a must! It can be an incentive to share a post to check out my sidebar offer. When people come to a blog to comment, some don’t know how to …then you get the one liners from hell lol.

    CTA’s are great to help the reader with their comment but also can be used to social share. I like to sprinkle in my opportunity to join_____ if the post is congruent.

    I must thank you for those 25 fantastic swipes you have given us. They are excellent and I’m grateful to you for them.


  • Wendy Tomlinson says:

    Thanks Sarah, I think I’m getting there, at least improving. I’m going to go back through my other posts and add a call to action to each.

  • I used to ask questions on my blog at the end of posts and ended up getting away from it. I really should go back to some of my more popular ones and think of things that will engage people. I like the idea of at least asking people to share the post somehow. I’ve done that a few times, but probably not often enough.

  • Fantastic stuff. I struggle with this terribly. I think I need to hit the social share angle because I’m not really selling anything, just trying to entertain with my words and hopefully build a platform for when I become a published writer.

    Off to work on some calls to action!!

  • Zenas Suitcase says:

    I always forget about asking to share posts. This is such a helpful reminder for new and established bloggers

  • I like CTA:s that fits into the flow of the post, that makes sense. I’m not fond of CTA:s that seem to be plastered onto a post, just because there should be one. Depending on the topic a CTA fitting the flow can have ma y shapes and forms. Thank you for a good read Sarah.

  • Susan Wilkinson says:

    I’m about to go and do some work on this. I have everything there – share buttons, Jetpack comments, SM widgets, sign-up box and a mini-poll, I’m just not asking readers to use them. But you’re right, a prompt makes a difference. I especially like the idea of asking people to pin to a specific board – you doing this in another post prompted me to create my “blogging” board.

  • I try to remember to do at least a share call to action, and sometimes a comment one to further the discussion. Lately I’ve been trying more “subscribe so you never miss a post” kind of cta’s. So far I mostly just get comments, I need to add more “subscribe” type cta’s I think! Thanks for the great list!

  • Thanks for the list of possible CTA’s…I’m a struggler with this kind of thing. How British :)!

  • Thank you Sarah, very useful post. Particularly now that I’m rebuilding the website. Shame the share to gain access doesn’t seem to be working; tweet didn’t unlock (or come back to this post after sharing) and g+ has no link 🙁

    Other that, a more then great source of information you are providing.

  • Love these! Going to edit my calls to action right now. Thanks Sarah!

  • when I first started blogging I didn’t know any of this, and somehow I was doing a bit of call to action. Not in every post, but something. After I learnt the importance of it I always make sure to have a call to action. Now I also use it in my social media, not just the blog.

    Great advice Sarah!


  • I have many favourite calls to action… and I love them all and add them now in each blog… I don’t believe they are only for selling. It’s also asking for help, which is OK…

    Great post again, thanks sarah, Barbara

  • Paige Poutiainen says:

    Hi Sarah, after reading this. I definitely need to branch out my CTA options. I’ve been using comment and subscribe CTAs. Thanks for the awesome list of ideas! PS – How do you create these locked content boxes? Is there a particular widget or something?

  • Hi, Sarah. This post is very informative. My CTA’s could use sAome beefing up. Thanks for the examples and the PDF.

    • You’re most welcome. The best thing about blogging is you can go and beef up the content long after it’s published and give it a new lease of life x

  • Great information Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing! This is definitely something I can use and need to do more of.

    • Sarah Arrow says:

      Thanks QJ, I aim to please 🙂

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